Darina Belaya

About Me

This page will help you get acquainted with the biography of Darina Belaya, the author of the science fiction novel, “Fracture Zone,” as well as other works published in Russian.

I was born in 1988. My childhood was spent among the expanse of the Poltava region, in a cozy private house with a huge garden. There was no computer or mobile phone, instead I had books, a notebook and a pen, a bicycle, cats, dogs, rabbits and the phone – by paper letters. It was the place where I started to write. Firstly poems, Christmas carols, and fanfiction on the, popular at that time, animated series “Sailor Moon.”

At the age of fourteen, I assured myself that I would write a book. The work started with great passion; hours, days and weeks of dedication, or rather devotion, and lasted for four years. 

The result was a 21-page fiction novel, “Dawn,” with grammatical errors, incoherent proposals and good ideas that required revision so meticulous that it was better to rewrite everything. Whether or not it will ever get done is unknown, because it is always more interesting to implement new ideas. Five notebooks, 96 sheets, are some very fond memories that were the result of this first large-scale literary experience.

My printed publications started with poems & newspaper clippings, which are collected by my grandmother. A significant event for me was the inclusion of my works in the poetic anthology of the International Competition, “Golden stanza,” as well as the publication of the poem, “Roads to Dawn,” released under the auspices of the International Guild of Writers.

In 2010, I graduated from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, with a major in Finance. I remember the years at the university as some of the best, brightest, most colorful & carefree years of my life. It was during those mellow days, the idea of a science fiction novel, “Fracture Zone,” emerged in my mind, and now the novel is published in 2016.

In my free time I love to travel. I like to wander through unexplored territories, may it be the noisy street of a random city or a lost trail in the deep forests, safely storing their secrets; to collect mushrooms, seeking them among the pines and birch trees from morning to afternoon. Sometimes the excitement for the unknown makes me rise before dawn, only to make sure I do not miss those almost surreal moments. All in solitaire, making peace with nature and nurturing the dream I am living in.

I love nature; its mysteries and mysticism, the evenings around the fire, sunsets on the beach. Those infinite movements, the rhythm of which is sometimes impossible to adapt to, but without it life becomes boring and monotonous. New worlds flare up in the mind like stars in the sky and rapidly evolve. I live in two realities at once; hastily sketching the dialogues or descriptions. After “waking up,” I notice that I missed my stop.

I scrupulously study unnecessary physical science, forensic medicine, astronomy, etc. and end up toing to bed at two in the morning just to resignedly wake at seven. Hobbies bring happiness, fill you with energy and vitality.

I have a negative attitude toward horror films (there is enough negativity without them), I haven`t watched TV for a few years and I believe that the happiness of each person is in his own hands.

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